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Ramai Awas Yojna 2017-18

Ramai Awas Yojna 2017-18

Social Justice Department of Maharashtra has released the Housing scheme  or “Gharkul Yojana” for the people who comes under the category of SC and below poverty Line. For the housing scheme, the Social Justice Department was aiming for a total of 30,00,000 homes, and nearly 1,50,000 home scheme out of them have completed their goal.For more detail like eligibility you have to go through the detail post of Ramai Gharkul Yojna.

Ramai Awas Yojna 2017

In some villages people have to build houses for houses of earth, grasslands and grass. There was a fear of elevated cold rains and there was a great fear in front of them. This should be changed, we should help those people.Maharashtra Government has implemented the Ramai Aawas Yojna GR for all those People. Scheduled caste people in rural or urban areas should live up to their livelihood or remove the question of their resignation. The Social Justice Department has built a house on their own land and considers this scheme as Ramai Housing Scheme or Ramai Gharkul Yojna.

Beneficiars Eligibility:

  • Beneficiars must be of SC Category and he/she should be below poverty line.
  • It must also own its own property.

Key Features of  Ramai Aawas Yojna Maharashtra (Ramai Housing Scheme):-

  • Under this scheme funds of Rs 70000 are given to beneficiaries in rural areas. The funds for the municipal area are given to the amount of Rs. 150000 and in this, the beneficiaries have to pay around 7 and half percent of the beneficiary.2,00,000 rupees are funded for the municipal farm and 10 percent of the funds are to be paid by beneficiaries.
  • The implementation of this scheme is being conducted in a very transparent manner and at the rural level and through the District Rural Development Authority.In the implementation of this scheme, a specific work style has been adopted by the Social Justice Department.
  • The total area of the houses will be 26 9 sq ft.

How The Ramai Housing Scheme is implemented.(रमाई आवास योजना कशी लागू आहे.) for more keep visiting.

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  1. Mala aajparyant gharkul milale Nahi ami noikaridar Nahi Ambala bpl Nahi noikaridar valyana bpl milate tar Ambala Ka nahi

  2. आमाला आज पर्यत घरकुल मिलत नाही मोठ्या लोकानां मिलते गरीबानां का नाही

    • Pavan khandare Pavan khandare

      Amala gar nahi milala saheb

  3. Rajkumar Kamble Rajkumar Kamble

    Amhala suddha gharkul nahi

  4. Suraj Dnyaneshwar Gaikwad Suraj Dnyaneshwar Gaikwad

    Mi tar aadhipasun jhopadit rahato..
    Gharkul bhetnyachi aamhitar apekshaa sodun dili
    Karan list maddhe nav aalele asel tari aamhala mahit padu det nahi..

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  7. Dipak pawar Dipak pawar

    आमाला आज पर्यत घरकुल मिलत नाही मोठ्या लोकानां मिलते गरीबानां का नाही

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